About Luis Esteves Rivera

1392942131_Gaby & DadHaving worked as an office furniture sales and marketing representative, Luis Esteves Rivera possesses over 40 years of experience in the industry. Earlier in his career, he functioned as a vice president at MAEsteves, Inc., in San Juan, Puerto Rico. In addition to his responsibilities in sales and marketing, Luis Esteves Rivera was in charge of advancing the wholesale department and creating contracts for the furniture department. Furthermore, he served as the point of contact for commercial and government sales.

Mr. Esteves Rivera obtained his bachelor of business administration in accounting from InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico. While in college, he earned a sportsmanship award for the volleyball team. He currently holds membership in the Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce. Outside of his professional life, he is actively involved with numerous charitable organizations. Aside from sponsoring Casa Virgilio Davila, he works with La Fondita de Jesus, an organization that helps the homeless in Puerto Rico. In his spare time, he enjoys a number of hobbies, including dining on Italian and Spanish cuisine as well as listening to Latin jazz.


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